San Diego Clones

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We are a medical marijuana genetics provider located in San Diego.  All of our clones are properly produced and cultivated under the laws of the state of California.  When choosing a genetics provider it is important to make sure they provide a quality product free from defects.  All of our clones are guaranteed to be pest free and of the highest quality; When you use San Diego Clones you will receive personal service and prompt contact throughout your purchase.  We want to make your experience with us as pleasant and easy as possible. Call today and speak with one of our caregivers, let us show you why we are the clone leaders in San Diego.

For questions call/text (619) 928-9102

*All donations go towards nutrients, lighting, and other production costs.

8/31 - We are all sold out, please check back in December for all new strains. Thank you for your understanding and support.

8/27 - We are closing out of all our current clones and bringing in new strains. Inventory will be extremely limited for a couple months.


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