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We are a medical marijuana genetics provider located in San Diego.  All of our clones are properly produced and cultivated under the laws of the state of California.  When choosing a genetics provider it is important to make sure they provide a quality product free from defects.  All of our clones are guaranteed to be pest free and of the highest quality; When you use San Diego Clones you will receive personal service and prompt contact throughout your purchase.  We want to make your experience with us as pleasant and easy as possible. Call today and speak with one of our caregivers, let us show you why we are the clone leaders in San Diego.

For questions call/text (619) 928-9102

*All donations go towards nutrients, lighting, and other production costs.

4/19/14 - We have a few clones ready to go! Please check the menu for availability.

4/18/14 - Phones are back on and messages being returned. Call your preorders in now. Just cut some Cherry Pie, Fire OG, White Fire Alien, Dream Queen, and Grand AK. Very limited quantities.

4/12/14 - Cut more clones today including Girls Scout Cookies, Platinum OG, and Blue Dream.

4/10/14 - Cut the first batch of clones today, they should be ready in a couple weeks and will include Jillybean and GDP.

4/2/14 - In an effort to provide the best strains possible we made a trip up to NorCal and returned with some of the best strains in the world including 4 different versions of cookies, several OG's, and a total of 14 different strains. Keep an eye on the menu for the updated list. Clones should be ready in a few weeks.

3/9/14 - We are backed up on all clones. We hope to have more stock near the turn of the month. In the meantime calls will not be answered or returned. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

3/3/14 - Pre98 Bubba Kush is back in stock. Get them while you can.

2/23/14 - We will be closed Monday and Tuesday this week, feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you on wedenesday. Our menu is current.

1/31/14 - Flower samples available for viewing of Ghost OG and Pre98 Bubba Kush.

1/30/14 - SUPER BOWL PROMO! If the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl all clones will be just $5 (min. purchase 4)from the time the game ends until midnight.

1/30/14 - Check out our listing, including a valuable coupon on the new

1/20/14 - FREE CLONES! Are you a member of a forum or review site? If so we'd like to give away some free clones to you. Drop us a line for details.

1/17/14 - Wanna see what your final product will look like? We are now offering sample nugs for viewing! Just tell us to bring a sample with your clones. Currently we have samples of UK Cheese, Blue Dream, and Girl Scout Cookies with more to come soon.

1/17/14 - We will be away between Monday afternoon and Wedenesday evening. Feel free to contact us, but there will be no deliveries those days.

1/17/14 - Pulled the domes off several trays and we now have good amounts of almost every strain ready to go.

1/13/14 - New pics added of Ghost OG clones.

1/12/14 - Rooted clones are now available. Check the menu for availability.


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